Title: Rouget
Artist: Maurice Pillard Verneuil
From: L’animal dans la Décoration
Date: 1869
Source: New York Public Library Digital Collection


Avenue of Schloss Kammer Park - Gustav Klimt



Vaughan’s Nasturtiums. ‘Painted from Nature’. Cover of Vaughan’s Seed Store 1902, 25th Anniversary.

84 & 86 Randolph St. Chicago.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

lord-hugsley said: Hey guys, I did a presentation for that once for school and am generally really interested in that style. If you would like my help. Message me :)

saylintaylin said: The Casa Milas in Spain by Gaudi sorry if this is spelled wrong I take AP Art History and we briefly went over the art period

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'Wonder stories from Herodotus' retold by G.H. Boden and W. Barrington D'Almeida; and decorated with pictures by H. Granville Fell. Published 1900 by Harper & Brothers, London & New York.



Bats and Poppies design with Butterflies and Bellflowers. “From L’animal dans la décoration (Animal forms in decoration) portfolio of 60 plates by Maurice Pillard Verneuil and Eugène Grasset”



Panel from One Thousand and One Nights by Venetian artist Vittorio Zecchin, 1914.

Hey! Iam an architecture student .got a assignment on art noveau style.i have to represent the style in single A2 sheet.i have like really lilttle knowledge about this style. Can you please help me out?
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Hi! Unfortunately, I’m not really very knowledgable about the Art Nouveau movement, I just like the artistic style, but if you want to see some examples of art nouveau architecture, you could check my architecture tag! If any of my followers want to help out by suggesting some art nouveau-related books or other resources, that would be great!


Bullerswood carpet 

William Morris

woven by Morris & Co, Hammersmith, London, in about 1889

V&A museum


More Art Nouveau


Cover of Akiko Yosano ‘Midare-gami’(Disordered hair)

illustration by Takeji Fujisima


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